Companies Search

Below is an overview of how to utilize the Keyword Text Search inside the new Companies view.

Start by entering the keyword(s) in the search bar above the Companies Table. By clicking the blue arrow icon on the right hand side of the screen, you can open the filters panel. The same keyword will reflect in the side panel of the page. Once the panel is open, you will be able to create a boolean search like you would in people view. See more here on boolean search operators in Clockwork.

NOTE: When entering search terms into the Omnibox, press ‘tab’ or  ‘enter/return’ to complete your term entry. Use the ‘delete/backspace’ key to remove entered terms. Press ‘enter/return’ twice to commit your search and retrieve your search results.

The Companies Search Omnibox searches with an OR operand between entries entered into the same Omnibox and the choice between OR, AND, or NOT operand between Omniboxes. To add additional criteria use the "+" icon and another text search box will appear. Any entries made in the second box will be searched with an AND or NOT operand between the entries made in the first box AND/NOT the second.

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