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You can filter through the People database to quickly locate a Candidate. 

When entering search terms into the Omnibox, press ‘tab’ or  ‘enter/return’ to complete your term entry. Use the ‘delete/backspace’ key to remove entered terms. Press ‘enter/return’ twice to commit your search and retrieve your search results.

Search entries can include accents and punctuation marks normally found in names and company abbreviations. Partial string search - entire word not required but letters must be within the beginning of word.


The People Search Omnibox accepts wildcard searches with an asterisk. To perform a multiple character wildcard search use the "*" symbol at the end of the search keyword. For example, search* will return results for searches, searched but not researched.

Fuzzy Searches

Find results with typos or names not exactly pronounced by edit distance (Levensthein distance).

Fuzziness by edit distance is useful if you search for names you don't know how to spell exactly or if you want to consider typos.

To do a fuzzy search use the tilde, "~", symbol at the end of a single word / term you want to search with fuzziness. For example to search for a term similar in spelling to "roam" use the fuzzy search: roam~ This search will find terms like foam and roams.


The People Search Omnibox searches with an OR operand between entries entered into the same Omnibox and the choice between OR, AND, or NOT operand between Omniboxes. To add additional criteria use the "+" icon and another text search box will appear. Any entries made in the second box will be searched with an AND or NOT operand between the entries made in the first box AND/NOT the second.

Example: Enter in "Burbank", "Jones", "Jackson" in the first box and "London", "San Francisco" and "Los Angeles" in the second box. Doing this will result in the following query:

(Burbank or Jones or Jackson) AND (London or San Francisco or Los Angeles)

(Burbank OR Jones Or Jackson) NOT (London OR San Francisco OR Los Angeles)

Example #2: Start with NOT with "Jess" in the first box AND "DaMarr" in the second box with OR "Linda" in the third box. 

NOT (Jess) And (DaMarr) OR (Linda)

Text Keyword Search

  • Notes - Person content. Look into last 50 notes
  • Notes - Candidacy note. Look into last 50 notes
  • Note attachments - type, filename. Look through attachments from last 50 notes
  • Name
  • Nickname
  • Biography
  • Assistant name
  • Skype username
  • Website - preferred
  • IM - preferred
  • Email - preferred
  • Phone - preferred
  • Address - all fields including region
  • Person attachments - type, filename. Look through last 50 attachments.
  • Resume content - preferred resume or latest if no preferred exists
  • Tags
  • School
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