Notification Center

In this support article, we will cover the Notification Center. Users will be able to see a badge number indicating that an unread change has been made inside of your Firm Environment. The following changes will appear in the Notification Center:

  • New Projects
  • New Tasks and Reminders
  • Client Invites and Invite Updates
  • New Notes
  • Being Added to a Deal
  • Exports and Imports
  • Mass Mail
  • Resume Submissions
  • Job Post Creations

Inside of your Profile, you will be able to manage your Notification settings by selecting your desired form of communication. You have the option to multi select email, in app, and web push notifications.

The Web push option also requires selecting the subscribe button in the Task Reminders section.

Users without Partner or Admin permissions are able to see notifications where they are the focused recipient. 

The Notification Center panel can be closed, collapsed, and expanded. The panel expansion can cover up to the entire page.

Notifications are categorized by “this week” and older. “This Week’s” notifications will be displayed first. Time displayed is when the event occurs in reference to the time the User is viewing the notification.

Users have the ability to mark notifications as read/unread by clicking on the “read” icon for the specified Notification. A red dot is displayed to indicate unread which disappears when clicked.

*Note: Users can mark All Notifications as read by clicking on the “mark All As Read” link. This will remove the number badges and the red dots next to each notice.

Users will not be alerted for muted notifications types. In order to mute/unmute certain notifications, click on the “bell” icon” to select/deselect.

Panel Filters

The Notification panel has two filters: Type and Statuses.
The Type filter is a multi-select option that covers all of the Notification Types.

The Status filter is a single select option to sort by Read, Unread, or All.

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