Fee Structure

The Finance Module is an Add On Service for Pro Tier Firms. The Finance Module selection must be requested and turned on by the Firms’ Account Manager.

This support article will cover the Fee Structure card inside of the Project - Contract Tab. This card is available so Firms do not have to store commissions outside of Clockwork when it comes to your Search Projects.

Finance Permissions provide view, add, edit, and delete permissions to Users for the Contract and Finance Views. Add Finance Permissions in the Users tab of Firm Settings.

Now that the Fee Structure has been enabled. In the Firm Settings, Configure tab the Fee Structure Types can be added as selections inside of the Fee Structure card in your project. 

Now that the types have been created, Users will be able to view the information inside of the Fee Structure. In order to add a User for the amount Distribution List, click on the ellipses and the “Add Users” dropdown. 

Once your User is selected in the dropdown then click “Apply” and they will be added at the bottom of the list. 
*Note: Firm Users can be added more than once. Drop down is single search and select.

The Export of the Structure List will download as a CSV file.

Commission is percentage or fixed fee. Percentage total should be less than 100%. If it is greater than 100, then you will receive a notice displaying, “Share Sum can't be greater than 100.”

Type is retrieved from the Firm’s Specific Fee Types table. You have three suggested preset types and you can add more in Firm Settings: Configure tab under Fee Structures:
Execution - Recruiters
Conversion - Partners
Origination - Who originated the search (doesn’t usually work on it after the creation).

Users can be deleted from this list by clicking on the “trash can” icon at the end of the table.

Additional Notes:

  • Logged in users with no finance permissions, are able to see any record where they are the focused recipient of the fee structure.
  • If the logged in user does NOT have finance permissions and has no record in the fee structure card, they do not see the fee structure card.
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