Distribution Table

The  Finance Module is an Add On Service for Pro Tier Firms. The Finance Module selection must be requested and turned on by the Firms’ Account Manager.

Finance Permissions provide view, add, edit, and delete permissions to Users for the Contract and Finance Views. Add Finance Permissions in the Users tab of Firm Settings, following the article here.

The Distribution Table reflects the entered details of a payment received for a specific project. 

The application auto populates the amount of a new entry in the distribution section. This includes the distribution of payments due across each of the team members included in the fee structure card.

User’s can view the section by Type, Payment or Team Member.

For the purpose of this article, we will use the Payment View.
When data is entered into the Payment Schedule and Fee Structure Section, the application will populate the same information per Team member in the Distribution Table.

Users with Finance Permissions have the ability to add, edit, and remove Amount Paid and Paid Date in the Distribution Table.

Additional Notes:

  • Total Due is equal to Commission rate multiplied by the total project fee.
  • Total Project fee is retrieved from the project fee card.
  • Type is retrieved from and can only be changed in the Fee Structure Card.
  • User & Commission rate is retrieved from Fee Structure Card
  • New users can only be added from the Fee Structure Card by a User with Finance Permissions
  • Balance is equal to the total project fee multiplied by the focused entries commission value less any payments entered in the distribution table. 
  • Logged in users with no finance permissions, ARE able to see any record where they are the focused recipient of the fee structure.
  • If the logged in users do NOT have finance permissions and have no record in the distribution table, they do not see distribution.
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