Firm Settings: Add/Edit Users

Subscription Services - Adding User Seats to your Account

All Subscription services contracts Terms are annual or multi-annual, whether they are paid with annually or in monthly installments payment terms. 

You can add to Seats licenses to your subscription at any time during your term. Adding Seats during the Term of your subscription will increase your Seat License Fee obligation for the remainder of the Term of your subscription. If you pay annually then you will be invoiced a pro rata amount based on the remainder of the term of your subscription. If you pay monthly then you will be invoiced a pro rated monthly bill for the remainder of the month in which you add a user and then you will receive an adjusted monthly invoice based on your monthly subscription rate.

This article will detail how to add, edit and download your Firm's Users.

Add Firm Users

You can add/edit your Firm's users following the steps below.

1. Click "Clockwork" at the top left, populating a drop-down that will appear, then click "firm settings".

2. Click the "users" tab and click "add user" to add or edit a user to your Firm. 
Note - the Total Users and Seat license is viewable on this tab.

3. Once you click "add user" a Add User window will appear. Type in the name, email address and Linkedin URL. Select the user role from the Role dropdown menu.

4. Once completed click "save changes." 

Edit Firm Users

1. You can edit a User's Role by clicking the "menu icon." A drop down box will appear with the following options: 
Send Invite, Edit or Deactivate. Select Edit.
Note - You can also re-send the Clockwork email invite to your User.

2. Once you click "edit" a Edit User window will appear. Select the revised user role from the Role dropdown menu.

3. Once completed click "save changes." 

Download Firm Users

1. You can download an Excel file of your Firm's Users. Click "download" and a Download window will appear. 

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