Client Team Panel

Select a Project from your Projects page and open up the project.

Client Team Panel

Within the panel you will be able to view all the Clients associated with the project.

An overview of all the actionable items within the panel is shown below.

  • The small checked box indicates whether or not the Client will receive notifications regarding project activity. Uncheck the box to ensure no notifications are sent to the Client.
  • Hovering over & clicking the envelope underneath the Clients image allows you to re-invite that particular Client to the project.
  • Clicking the "x" beneath the Clients image removes the Client from the project. 
  • The small text beneath the Clients title lets you know whether the Client has viewed the project and if so, the last lime the project was viewed (example above: 38 minutes ago).

Hovering over the bottom corner of each Clients box populates a sent envelope icon. Then the email you sent the Client invite to will populate allowing you to double check the email address the invite was sent to.

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