Deals: Search & Filtering

Users can filter through their deals to locate a Deal quickly. Deal Filter Options include: Leads, Users, Statuses, Stages, Start Date, & Close Date.

Text Keyword Search
The Deals Search omnibox looks in your Deals database for string matches across the following fields:

  • Deal Attachment File Names,
  • Deal Notes Content,
  • Deal Tags, Deal Name,
  • Deal Size, Deal Description,
  • Deal Source Note,
  • Deal Target File Name, and
  • Deal Target Notes

As well as Filterable Values including;

  • Leads,
  • Users,
  • Statuses, and
  • Stages

When entering search terms into the Omniox, press ‘tab’ or  ‘enter/return’ to complete your term entry. Use the ‘delete/backspace’ key to remove entered terms. Press search to commit your entries and retrieve your search results.

Search entries can include accents and punctuation marks normally found in names and company abbreviations. 

The Deals Search Omnibox searches with an OR operand between entries entered into the same omnibox and an AND operand between Omniboxes. To add additional criteria use the "+" icon and another text search box will appear. Any entries made in the second box will be searched with an AND operand between the entries made in the first box AND the second.

Example: Enter in "Burbank", "Jones", "Jackson" in the first box and "London", "San Francisco" and "Los Angeles" in the second box. Doing this will result in the following query:

(Burbank OR Jones Or Jackson) AND (London OR San Francisco OR Los Angeles)

Locate a User within your firm that is associated with a specific Deal.

Select the Status type of which the deal you are searching for is in.

Filter through to any of the stages below.

Start Date

Close Date

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