Candidate Panel: Header

Below is a brief overview of the Candidate Panel headers found within the New Grid View. View or edit the Candidate status, visibility, email, phone, full profile link & more.

1. Click "Projects" in the main menu.

2. You will be directed to the Projects page. Click on a Project. You can also use the Quick Search in the upper right corner for faster access.

3. A submenu will open and the Candidates area will be visible. Click "Grid View" to open a list of all Candidates. 

4. Click on the Candidate's name and a pop up window will appear that will feature a panel of all Candidate information. 

Status and Visibility

View or edit the Candidate status as well as switch the visibility toggle to on or off.

Edit Status & Assigned Color

Email, LinkedIn, Note & Task
Send an email, view the candidate's LinkedIn profile or add a Task or Note all within the Candidate Panel. Notice that the email address listed under the Candidate's title is live which makes it easy to send a quick email to that person.

Add A Note

Add A Task

Expand Full Candidate Page

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