Candidate Related Dates Within Project

There are 3 Candidate related dates within a Project.

1. The date the Candidate was added to the Project.
2. The date the Candidate was presented to a client.
3. The date that any information within the Candidate's contact card was updated
    - List of fields that impacts the person Updated timestamp:

  • Person table fields such as name, preferred columns
  • Education Record
  • Addresses
  • Custom Fields
  • Email Addresses
  • Im Account
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Notes
  • Phone Numbers
  • Relationships
  • Website

You can also control the visibility of each of these dates within the Project's "Admin" tab. 

1. Click "Projects" in the main menu.

2. You will be directed to the Projects page. Click on a Project. You can also use the Quick Search in the upper right corner for faster access.

3. A submenu will open. Click "Admin" to view the Project Admin settings page. 

2. Scroll down until you see the "Candidate Data Visible To Users" box. Here you can toggle visibility to "On" or "Off" dependent on your need.

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