Companies Overview

Within the Companies panel you will notice the following tabs and you will see 2 large icons that are helpful with your research:

Contact Info 
Google Search & LinkedIn Links

Contact Info Tab
This tab allows you to enter in information about the company. You can update the logo, add a description, enter in all of their contact details & more. 

Projects Tab
This tab links any Project that the company is associated with. All projects listed are live links that take you directly to that respective project. Within this tab you will also see the status and the date the project was added to Clockwork.

Deals Tab
The Deals tab shows all the Deals the company is associated with. You can see a few stats listed including the Status, Deal Size and Likelihood. For more in depth information you can click the listed Deal itself and be taken to that Deal.

Notes Tab
Here you can enter in notes relating to the company. Select the template dropdown box to use any custom note templates you've created with "Firm Settings". A few options includes: Call, Left VM, Quality or create a New Note Template.

Relationships Tab
This tab allows you to document any relationship connected to the company. The built in drop down box includes a list of options to select the context of the relationship you may enter in.

Google Search The Company
Click the "G" or the google search page for that company to learn more about the company. This allows you to research the company you will be working with and helps to provide a better understanding of their needs.

LinkedIn Company Link
The LinkedIn logo takes you directly to the companies search results within LinkedIn. This is also a wonderful tool for obtaining more detailed information about the company.

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