Deals: Team Members & Tasks

Add a Team Member to a Deal

To add a Team Member to a deal please select your Deal then click "+Add" within the Team card.

A drop down will appear allowing you to search for a person within your database. You can either scroll through your list or type in a specific person's name within the search box. Once you locate the person you'd like to add, simply click the desired User and Save.

You will now see the Team Member that was added within the Team card.
You can delete them at any time by hovering over the team member you want to delete. The blue background will appear and a Trash icon on the right side of the Team card.

Create a Task from the Deals Panel

To create a Task from within the Deals Panel, select a contact from within your Team or Targets card then click their name.

Once clicked you will then be taken to that person's panel. In the Tasks card, click "+ Add" to create a new Task.

Once clicked, a window will expand This is where you add all the details of the task including: Category, Due date/time, Person, Assigned to, Description and the option to check the "Create ics" box. Creating the ics will send an email reminder to you so that you don't forget about the upcoming Task you've created.

Once all information has been entered, the "Save" button will highlight blue and become clickable.

The new Task will then be added as an editable line item within all of your other Tasks in the Tasks Panel and Person Panel.

Person Panel

Task Panel
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