The focus of this guide is on importing your contact data into Clockwork. The preparation and import process is easy and should result in your valuable information moved to Clockwork so you can quickly get back to serving your clients. This guide shows you how to prepare an Excel data file using the templates provided.

This Guide IS for you if you are importing a list of new people or updating existing people in your Clockwork database. This guide shows you the process for exporting your contacts, preparing and cleaning your files, and then import your contacts to Clockwork. 

This Guide IS NOT for migrating data from another platform by virtue of a data backup. If you are migrating data, please contact Support to schedule some time with our Data Team.

Import Guide Sections:

NOTE: Preparation and import of your data must be done correctly. Any mistakes made can be extremely time-intensive to correct and are often very costly. If you have any questions about the import process, feel free to reach out to Support to schedule a free initial consultation with our Data Team. If you are concerned that the import process is too technically challenging or outside your comfort zone, feel free to reach out so our Data Team can assist.

Now that we have that covered, let's get started!

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