Update a Closed Project

Once a Project has been closed, it can still be reopened and updated at any time. You will need to access the Project Admin area to update the Project Status and Project Settings.

Project Status
1. Click "Projects" in the main menu.

2. You will be directed to the Projects page. Click on a Project.

3. A sub menu will open to the right of the main menu. Click "Admin."

4. Click the "Edit" icon to open the Project Status area. 

5. You can update the Project Status, Closing Date and Closing Reason in the Project Status area. Click "Save" when done.

*You also have the option to make your selected Project Presentation Only by clicking "Presentation Only/Never a Project."

Project Settings
1. Click the "Admin" icon in the sub menu and then click the "Edit" icon to open the Project Settings area. 

2. You can update the Project Title, Company, Type, External Reference and mark whether the Project should be Confidential and/or Internal. Click "Save" when done.

Impact on Gong Reports after updating a closed project

Gong Reports are summary reports distributed to all firm users when projects are closed with a Placement closing reason. 

1. If the Gong Report already went out and you are just updating some information but not changing the project from "terminated" to "placed", or not changing any status to "placement" for the first time, you will be given an option to send out the Gong Report to all users and can choose whether to send it or not.

2. All the analysis and summary reporting will be updated

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