Grid View: Rerank Instructions

Rerank your candidates within the new and improved Grid View 2.0!

Rerank button updates the rank of candidates based on the current sort of the table; using the rank text field, you can update the rank of any candidate one-by-one. Reranking of the table occurs immediately following the new rank number entered when entering rank numbers on a one-by-one basis.

1. Manually edit the ranking of your candidate on the left side of screen and click Enter/Return to change the candidates Rank Number. Each time you change the ranking number, the screen is temporarily saved.

In this example, we change Candidate Jay Greene from Ranking #1 to #5.

2. Be sure to click the " Arrow" pointing downward before leaving Grid View. This arrow saves your settings/rankings so upon your return to Grid View, all your preferences/rankings/settings will remain the same.

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