Grid View: Columns & Settings

Within the new Grid View you now have more options available to you!

1. Column order & sizing
2. Static columns
3. Choose which columns to display
4. Save Configurations
5. Search / Filtering

Column Order & Sizing
Reorder requires a click and hold (hold down the click button) to "grab" the column and move it. All column headers can be repositioned to your liking. You can also resize the width of these columns to your liking.

Static Columns
Please note that certain columns (Select, Rank, Add) cannot be reordered. They should always exist on the grid view and their location cannot be changed. Columns that have drop-down or static values cannot be resized.

Choose Which Columns To Display
1. Within Grid View click the "Gear" icon next to the filter bar as seen below.

2. Once the "Gear" icon is clicked a new box will populate giving you options to select from. You can choose what columns you'd like to appear within Grid View.

3. Select your columns then click anywhere within Grid View to refresh and view the columns you chose.

Save Configurations
Save your column selection and Grid View settings by clicking the "Arrow" button next to the Gear icon. 

Search / Filtering
Search - filtering allows you to look at names, statuses, titles & companies.

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