Methods for acquiring your contact-related data generally falls under two categories, depending upon where your data currently lives. Regardless of your data coming from a CRM or spreadsheet, Clockwork data imports work with flat files (i.e. .csv or .xls format). 

Contact Data from a CRM

It's possible your move to Clockwork involves the export of your data from an email contact list, LinkedIn, or previously used CRM. Your data can usually be exported with little hassle. The Export function is generally located under the File menu or within the Admin section of the CRM. If you have large amounts of data, it's possible you'll need to contact the CRM Support department for a more exhaustive export. 

The following instructions are provided to assist with the most common data exports.

Your export should contain the maximum amount of data allowed by your system. Data can always be removed during the cleaning process if it’s no longer needed. 

Contact Data from a Spreadsheet 

Your data may also have been managed or stored in an Excel file or Google sheet. Here, you'll want to simply ensure you have access to the file and move onto the next step.  

Migrating from another CRM to Clockwork?

In case you didn't catch it in the Introduction to this Guide, migrating your entire history from one CRM to Clockwork is categorized as data migration. If this is the case, you'll want to contact Support to schedule a consultation with our Data Team.

Next Steps

Once you've got your files in hand, it's time to head over to the set of articles we've prepared for Data Preparation.

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