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It is assumed that most people are using Excel (or a similar spreadsheet application) to create or prepare the import file.  To convert an excel file (extension .xls or .xlsx) into a CSV file (extension .csv), please refer to the following article:

How to create a .csv file in Excel


Import Best Practice:  Test first by importing a small sample set with just a few rows.

We highly recommend that users always test a CSV import by loading a small sample set of the data before importing larger datasets. This avoids mistakes and lets users confirm that they have mapped the data correctly in their CSV.


Clockwork allows any user within a firm to import contacts directly into their people database using a CSV (comma separated value) file. Once an import is complete, you will be able to access the contacts that were imported at any time through the notification email OR from the in-app “Event” log.


Within Clockwork, navigate to the People page and click on the Import button. Select the CSV File option from the overlay:

Navigate to the CSV file location on your desktop by clicking on the Blue box OR using the Drag and Drop feature. Once the file has been selected, click on the Import button:

Once the import process begins, you can close the dialog box.  Clockwork will send a notification email to your email address when the import process is finished.  The email will detail the success (or failure) of the import and list the number of contacts that were imported during the process. In addition, the email will include a hyperlink that can be used to retrieve the list of contacts that were imported:

Clicking on the hyperlink in the email will open Clockwork in a browser and provide a list of all the contacts imported.

This list of contacts can also be referenced from the import event in the event log.

Selecting All (see above) and referencing the bulk action options at the bottom of the page will allow you to perform an action on all of these contacts at a single time, such as adding them all to a search, or adding a tag to all of them (which is how you’d add tags longer than 26 characters to get around the restriction of being limited to 30 characters with CSV imports).

The list of contacts that were uploaded in the CSV file can be accessed at any time in the future by using the link provided in the email notification.

Now it’s time to Confirm Your Import

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