At the core of your search projects is your database: a place for you to store, update, and utilize to populate contacts into your search projects. 


1. Read our Best Practices. A database is only as good as its data, which is why you will want to first Review our Best Practices for proper data treatment, prep, and import basics.

2. Choose an import method from the list below depending on the complexity of your import. 

  • Basic Import - This simple import guide is great for preparing basic contact information that has been exported from Gmail, Outlook, and the like. Use this guide for a straightforward import of information such as name, a single email address, a single phone number and a single position (title and company).
  • Advanced Import - This more advanced import guide is great for preparing more in-depth contact information. If you are more confident with data import and are working with files that include data beyond basic contact information, you will want to use this guide. It will help you prepare more complex and in-depth information such as: multiple positions, education, tags, and notes.
  • Paid Import - It's possible at this point you'd like to punt this over to our Data Team to import. That's a great move, and we can help. Simply reach out to Support to get the ball rolling with this paid service. 
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