Clockwork Integrations Guide

There are a number of business applications that can integrate to work seamlessly with Clockwork and enhance its capabilities. This article will help you identify the integrations possible to fulfill your specific business needs. We have two basic options: Clockwork Premium/Public API and Zapier Integrations.

Premium API

The Premium API is available for developers as a Pro Tier- Add On feature. Our Support Team can be contacted for the developer documentation needed to complete the API process.

Clockwork Public API

Clockwork has an API available to the public that your in-house developers can access for a fee. Should you choose to proceed with developing a custom API solution, it is important that you schedule some time with our Integrations Team to walk through your goals and confirm your API requirements. You can do so by contacting our  Support Team.  We commonly find that solutions not involving API development are just as viable to meet business needs. This version will no longer be supported. It will still be accessible but there will be no developer support on it.

This API has been deprecated. Please see the Premium API for new development opportunities.

Zapier Integrations

Integrations with Clockwork can also be easily set up using the 3rd party integration solution, Zapier. Our  Zapier Quick Start Guide will bring you up to speed on what you can do with this tool and our app on their marketplace.

If you need a developer to create a custom solution or help to configure a Zapier integration, we recommend reaching out to our preferred vendor, Integration Helpers.

NOTE: Should you decide to proceed with an API integration project, please contact our support team to confirm that your firm's service agreement includes API access, and request your API be turned on.

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