Update User Profiles - Job Title & Employer

There are two ways to update a user's profile with Job Title and Employer.

You can also update the user's profile manually:

1. Navigate to the user's profile or People record.
2. Scroll to the "Positions" card in the Person Panel.
3. Click on the empty blue space behind the desired positions to edit.
4. Verify that the positions, employer and employment dates are correct. If not, you can add one or more positions before saving. 

The position and company with the most recent employment dates will populate the Job Title and Employer section under the user's name automatically. You can,  however, select the 'preferred' option next to any position and that will become the displayed position. 

Be advised, if the position is not the user's "current position" (as indicated by the employment dates) 'former' will be displayed before the Job Title and Employer under the user's heading. Be sure to include the correct dates.

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