Parse a Resume

Resume parsing is not an exact science - which is why we don't recommend parsing resumes.

If you plan to grab from LinkedIn, then you will want to change your parsing solution to NOT bring over "Work" and "Education" or you will frequently receive duplicate Position information.  People are often inconsistent in their work descriptions thus their resume will almost always be different than what they put in LinkedIn.

When there are instances you would like to use the parsing feature, follow the steps below. You have two options:

If the Contact isn't in your People Database
Navigate to your People tab and click the "menu" iconIn the pop-up window that appears, select "Parse Resume".

A new pop up will appear and you can click on the blue area or drag and drop the file inside of it.

Contact Information Resume Format
Before Parsing a Resume we recommend using the following Contact Information format, so the parsing tool can detect and pull the data into the application:

Failed Example:
Name: DaMarr E.
Phone: 916+5551234

Successful Example:
DaMarr E.

*Names must be capitalized or the resume will use the first capitalized word as the name. 

Other rules that may stop a resume from parsing correctly can be found in the link here.

If the Contact is in your People Database
Navigate to the correct Record in your People view, and select "Add Document". Select the resume file and select Resume s the Document Type. Then choose Parse.

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