Report an Issue with Clockwork

If you think you have encountered a bug or error in Clockwork, please report it to us here:

To ensure that we are able to replicate and resolve the issue as quickly as possible, please be sure to provide the following information:

1. Where in Clockwork you were (ie. which tab, which project, which person's record, etc.) 
2. What you were trying to achieve  (e.g. I was trying to move 10 candidates from X Project to Y Project)
3. The steps you took to reach your desired outcome  (e.g. I opened grid view, selected all relevant candidates, and then pressed the Update Selected Candidates button)
4. What happened instead of your expected outcome  (e.g. when I pressed the button, my cursor wheel kept turning and turning and finally my browser connection timed out)
5. Any and all relevant screenshots  (e.g. attached is a screenshot of the error page that appeared when my connection timed out)

Thank you!

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