Google Integration: Firm Settings

This article will detail the importance of enabling and confirming permissions with Google.

Firm based permissions control object authorization at the firm level.

The Google integration will save your firm time, streamline your communication, and enhance your use of Clockwork as your primary platform for executive search. With the integration your team will be able to send emails, upload documents to and from your Google Drive, edit Google Drive articles in Clockwork, and create Calendar Events. 

Please Note: This feature is not mobile accessible.


Before Users can accept or grant permissions, the Integration must be active in Firm Settings and Firm Admin or Partners will want to consider using the Ignore Specific Domain Emails function. 

Toggling ON the Enable Google Integration, as seen below, will enable the integration for the firm. 

Once this is enabled, Users logging in with Gmail will be prompted to provide user based permissions as detailed here

Selecting the Ignore Specific Domain Emails will enable a text field where the Firm’s email domain can be entered. This setting disregards any email that is between only users who also have that domain in their registered email on Clockwork.  

*Please Note: Granting the permission in Firm Settings will occur once. In order to remove or change the permissions, it has to be done in the Google. 

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