365 Integration: Document Card

The 365 Integration makes it easier to manage candidate, client, and project documents across your Clockwork and OneDrive environments. You can share more documents with clients, edit documents without leaving Clockwork, and add documents directly to OneDrive through the manual upload process in Clockwork. 

Users can continue to take notes in CW without having to navigate to OneDrive to update the notes. You can open the file and make changes in real time to the document that will reflect in OneDrive as well.

To add documents from OneDrive, click Add Document, click on OneDrive, and allow that permission for your browser (if necessary). OneDrive will connect to the folder you selected as the Default Document Root in your Profile. You can navigate through the file picker if the file you are looking to add is located elsewhere in your drive. 

*Please Note:

  • If the desired file is open on your computer during the time of the upload, the file will not be added. Close the file on your computer and attempt your upload again.
  • Only one file can be uploaded at a time.
  • If you drag/drop or select and the document already exists in your OneDrive you will receive an error. In this instance you will need to select the file from your OneDrive or rename the file and then upload. 

Add a file from your local device and it will be added to my OneDrive using the Default Root in the Profile as well once the document is uploaded into the record.

  • Document Title: Enter a title that may be different than the Uploaded Document Name
  • Document Type: Resume, References, Other, Resume Enrichment, Media, Surveys
  • Document Context: The document will be filed in the Person Record, Candidate Record (in a project), Company Record, Deal.

Click the Document Title to open a window hosted by Microsoft that allows you to make all the same edits and changes Microsoft can do. The edits only happen if the document type is a Word Document.

If the document is a PDF then there will only be viewing options in the window, PDF does not allow any edits.


Word Document

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