365 Integration: User Profile Settings

The 365 Settings in the Profile is related to the logged in user. The Settings section will display which permissions have been granted, the last time your email was checked, the document root folder and the default calendar.

If you are a user of 365, you will be able to edit your permissions directly from the User Profile Settings. If you are a 365 + Azure user, the permissions for your user are granted at the Firm level and you can not change them.

The Document Settings allows Users to select which default folder they would like to pick files from and save files to. The File Picker allows for Users to navigate through their drive when adding files to Clockwork, however, there is no way to specify where a file goes when adding files to drive from different places in the application. They will all be saved to the default folder selected here. 

Clockwork automatically selects the OneDrive root folder, so no change is necessary for the integration to work.If a file moves locations in the drive, Clockwork will still be able to retrieve it, no matter where the file is attached in Clockwork. Document links can be broken if the file is completely removed from the Users drive or permissions are changed. 

The Calendar Settings allows Users to select which default Calendar they would like to retrieve events from and add events to. Clockwork does not sync with multiple calendars. Ensuring that the Calendar you would like sync’d is selected here is important for continuity between the two systems. 

*Please Note: Granting the permission in Firm Settings  for Azure will occur once. In order to remove or change the permissions, it has to be done in the 365 Admin.

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