365 Integration: Login Authentication

Any user is able to Login and Authenticate using their Microsoft 365 account. 

If a user has an existing Clockwork account, they are able to login through Microsoft 365. However only firms that have the integration enabled will be able to use the Microsoft 365 integration which includes Email, Calendar, and Docket.

Integration Versions


After the firm has enabled the integration, users will be able to login using Microsoft 365. They will have to grant permission to Clockwork to use the integration.
Permissions include: Mail, Files, Calendar, Tasks, Online meetings

365 + Azure

After the firm has enabled the integration, a specified firm administrator or partner that is also an Administrator in Microsoft 365 will be able to grant permissions to all the Firm users in Firm settings. Once permissions are granted by a Firm Admin or Partner who is also a Microsoft 354 Administrator,  all firm users will be able to use the integration. They will just need to login using their Microsoft account.

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