Company Enrichment Integration

This article will detail how to turn on the Nubela Integration found in the Integrations tab of your Firm Settings. This Company Enrichment Integration requires credits to update records inside of Clockwork. Users with a Partner or Admin role will be the only Users to access and manage the Integration Tab in Firm Settings.

Nubela is a tool designed to serve as an updated data process in your person enrichment. Nubela sits as a fully-managed layer between your Firm Users and raw data so that you can focus on your day-to-day instead of company details.

Purchasing your credits in the Billing Tab will activate the Integration Tab, both in Firm Settings.

The Clockwork Company Enrichment Integration uses Nubela to connect your Firm Database with LinkedIn Company Profiles. You can use this integration to update company records one by one or in bulk. Reports for the total records updated over any period of time are found in the Integrations tab, in the Nubela Integration Section, under the Integration Report header . Users will be able to obtain credits to update records by purchasing a Subscription with a set Recurring Company Enrichment Subscription (RPE) OR by purchasing “a bucket” of credits to update On Demand (OPE) by your choosing. 

Please Note: This feature is not mobile accessible.

Credit Based Integration 

Credit Based Integrations are related to the Company Enrichment Integration.
In the Firm Settings: Billing Tab, navigate to the "Add" credit box.

Each Valid request requires at least 1 credit to be processed.

Built into the add credits feature, are bulk credit discounts. As you type in your desired credit amount a discount code will appear. To apply the discount, click "Apply" so the total due can be altered then confirm your credit purchase.
Credit Based Integration has a Promo Code section for volume discounts.

Now that your Company Enrichment feature has credits, the Nubela Integration Section will appear in the Integrations tab making the ability to toggle Company Enrichment ON available. 
Remaining in the Firm Settings, navigate to the Integrations Tab, then Nubela Integrations, then Company Enrichment Settings to enable the Person Enrichment.
Below the Person Enrichment Toggle you can see the available credit for the Integration.

Choosing the Staleness Requirement will set a time frame for the amount of time before a company record can be counted for an update. For Example if the Staleness Requirement is set to 6 months, then the same company can only be updated with Nubela after 6 months.

Please Note: Disabling the Integration will pause the use of Company Enrichment buttons available to Firm Users within the application. This will not cancel your subscription or cause any other changes.

Now that you have obtained credits and the Company Enrichment integration has been toggled ON. You can now begin using the Integration to update outdated records within your Company database!

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