Confidential Setting

The Confidential Setting article will detail the benefits of marking your projects as Confidential and how to make it visible to Team Members. 

Selecting the Confidential Option while creating the new project, as a result the project and its details will still display and be available to the rest of the firm. 

You can hide your desired project at the project level, inside of the Admin Tab. In order for your Team to see the project after "Hide" is selected, they will need to be invited by the creator of the Project OR have the Admin user role. Clients invited to the project are the only exception and are able to view the project details.

Users with the Partner or Admin role can enable/disable the Confidential Settings in Firm Settings. 
IF Confidential settings is disabled, then the Project is still not displayed. The only Users that will see the Confidential project will be project firm team members and Users with the Admin role.

IF Confidential setting is enabled, the “Padlock” symbol will display as the confidential icon for the candidates inside of the Confidential Project. You will see the confidential icon in the: 
People Table, Person Panel, and Candidate Panel.

Users can select/deselect confidential option inside of the desired project, in the Admin tab.

*Please Note: The option to Hide the project appears once you select to make the the project Confidential inside the Admin tab.

System will hide confidential projects from Users that are not associated with the project in the following:

  • Candidates Panel Header
  • Person Panel Header
  • People View
  • Gridview
  • Project look up in Add Task
  • Notes related to the Project and Candidate
  • Projects View
  • Companies Project Card
  • On Project Filters in People View
  • Analytics Projects Filter
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