Add Object

The Add Object feature covered in this support article will provide the benefits of centralizing the creation of new Projects, People, Companies, and Deals.

The Add Object is defaulted to “Add Project” when activated.

  • Add Project
  • Add Person
  • Add Companies
  • Add Deal
  • Add Project

    Users can select/deselect required fields for the created Projects, in the Firm Settings: Settings tab. 
    *Note: System required fields are grayed in the selection box

    The Add Project form will always require a Name, Type, Status, Specialty (Department) and Seniority.

    If a Client Company has previous projects, the Add Project form will auto populate some of the Client Company metadata such as Industry. Client Company Industry is always required. 

    At least one location field is also required to start a project, however, Firms can easily set up specific location data as required in Firm Settings. Shown above. 

    Add Person

    You will need to enter the person's name, email address and LinkedIn URL.

    Add Companies

    The Add Companies form allows you to fill out a robust accounting for the Company record. Everything from revenue and stage to stock exchange and ticker, the better the data is on input the better your healthier your database will be moving forward.

    Add Deal

    The Deals Panel will open after selecting Add Deal from the dropdown. The panel will hold all information with an ease to add Deals details.

    The required fields in order to create the Deal will be “Name of Deal”, “Deal Status”, and “Deal Stage”.

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