Finance: Team Report Panel

Inside of the Team Report Panel, you will see the Total Amount Due per each Firm-Specific Fee Structure Type per project for the Focused Firm User within the filtered range.

Panel View Details:

  • Total amount due is retrieved from the Fee Structure table.
  • Paid amount is retrieved from the Distribution table.
  • Total Paid amount is the sum of all payments made to a firm user for a specific project per Fee Structure Type.
  • Balance is Total Amount Due less Total Paid per Fee Structure Type for a specific project per user.
  • The panel view is a drill down from the table view. All active filters remain true against panel data. 

Project ID populates for Specific Firm-Focused User. Hover over the Project ID to see the Project Title.

Team Report Panel will populate the last Paid Date and the percentage due for that Users fee structure type on that project.  

Users can filter by Project. Project Title is retrieved from Projects Database.

Users can filter by Firm Specific Fee Structure Type.

Users can download payment information in the finance panel.
Finance permission is required for download.

All downloads are logged in the event table.

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