Candidate Portal: Candidate Interest View

In this Interest View article we will detail how the interest filled in by a candidate can be filtered and searched in People View.

Work Remotely

In People View, users can filter People by “Work Remotely” in the Settings filter.

If the role you are trying to fill does not require candidates to come into the office then selecting this filter and Toggling to Yes would work as designed.

Relocation Preferences

Users can filter People by the “Relocation Preferences” filter. Toggle to turn ON/OFF each relocation selection.

If the candidate is willing to relocate, users can search and multi-select Preferred Locations. User can select “Willing to Relocate in” in following time frames:
No Preference, Immediately, 30 Days, 90 Days, 6 months, 1 year

Inside of the “Will Not Consider Locations” dropdown, you can search for candidates by locations they would not consider.
*Note: Users can search and multi select “Preferred Locations” and “Will not consider Locations”.

The Exclude feature is a helpful tool will help firms remove candidates from their search due to desired locations. 
Example: if a candidate does not want to live in the Charlotte, North Carolina Area. Clicking "Exclude" and entering in the area in "Will not consider locations" will then filter and remove those candidates from the search, even without entering in a Preferred location.


Filter by desired Compensation ranges of the Firm and/or the Candidate (Desired). Hold and drag the knob to select Salary, Bonus, or Equity.

Select Firm to search Compensation against the Firm Database or select Desired to search against Candidates Interests.

The Bonus can be altered by Percentage and Cash.
The Equity can be altered by  Percentage, Cash and Share.

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