Candidate Portal: Candidate Invite

In this support article we will detail how a User can invite a Candidate to create their own Candidate Login to collect data and enhance their profiles. This helps Firms control what information is accepted and displayed in the candidate's Person Record.. 

Candidate Portal Invite

People view is a great place to search for the desired candidate and you can send the invite from the Person Panel. In the Header of the panel, click the “Invite” button.

Upon clicking “Invite”, users can see the email drop-down menu including all Person/Candidate emails and select an email to send the Email Invitation.

At the point of invite, for candidates outside of regions that require removal options, firms can deselect the checkbox and send an invite without the removal option in the permissions view

If the Selected Email is NOT the Preferred Email, the application will ask if you would like to make this email the Preferred option. 

Users can re-invite Candidates to Clockwork by clicking or tapping “Invited” button to see the email send options.

Once the Candidate creates the account then the “Invited” button will display as “Active”.

Now that your candidate has created their Candidate Login, the Compliance card in the Person Panel will start to track all candidate activity.

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