SparkHire Integration

This article will guide you through the process of Integrating SparkHire with Clockwork to fulfill the benefits of Video Interviewing and having those notes shown in the Person Notes in Clockwork. SparkHire Integration is an Add-On Feature for Pro Tier Firms that has to be turned on by contacting your Account manager or Customer Success.

Navigate to your Firm Settings to find the Integration tab. Then, click “Add”.

In the next pop-up, enter the API Key for the integration that you receive from SparkHire and click “Add” again.

*Note: Users can see success or failure message upon save.

In order to finish the activation, you will need to go to the URL and add Clockwork as a recipient of their Webhooks.

Your Firms Webhook URL should show:

SparkHire's Webhook settings can be found here.

Invite Example:  Set up and send your interviews from Spark Hire. If there is a match between the email used to send the interview from Spark Hire and your person database in Clockwork, Clockwork will post the interview status and details as received from Spark Hire as a note on that person record. 

As candidates accept, take, and complete those interviews their interview status in the note posted to their notes thread will update automatically.
Please Note: The links that are presented in Clockwork from SparkHire are NOT public links. Users will have to create links inside of SparkHire in order to share.

In People View, Users will be able to filter by the SparkHire Note Type in order to find the candidates that were recently interviewed.

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