Data-Import URL

Clockwork has an updated way to access import URL’s which should assist with stability and ease of use with the application. The URL is unique to each firm and project.

To find your Data-Import URL links, follow the steps below.

Log-in to: using the same email/password combination that you use to log-in to Clockwork. 

Here you will see an import URL that you can then use to import Contact Data. You will need to copy/paste that whole URL into the third party options.

*Note: Clockwork recommends removing all of the old Import URLs before including the new data-import URLs.

To access the third party extension options follow the instructions below:

  • Right click or control click on the third parties icon in your browser.
  • Select option from the menu.
  • Copy the destination URL from and paste it into the area that says available destination URL on the options page.
  • Ensure the correct active destination URL appears in the dropdown that matches the URL destination.
  • Be sure to hit save after you have updated the import URL.
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