Candidate Panel: Interactions

The Candidate Panel improved interactions will assist you to interact with your Person and Candidate data with ease. Users will be able to see data on a candidate while taking notes inside of panel. 

Users can expand or minimize the candidate panel by clicking and dragging the end of the panel across the page. This allows more or less information to be visible in a single view. 

Once you expand your panel, your panel preference is saved and you will return to the same width the next time you open a record. You can always change this by adjusting the width of your panel. 


Note are located in the floating Notes button on the right hand side of the panel. Once opened, the notes thread can be collapsed back into the floating button, expanded to the full width of the panel or reduced to a single 4-column (default) thread. To do this, use the double arrow icon at the top left corner of the notes thread, as seen here:

Use the full width view when taking long interview notes, or the default 4 column view when you need to also see other data on the candidate in focus. You can also collapse the notes thread completely when it is not in use. 

Notes Fully Collapse

Notes Expanded to Full Width

Notes Open to Default (4-column)

Move Cards

Users can customize the Candidate and Person Panel cards by clicking on the customize icon in the header.
Note: Your card movement is true across all candidates and saved only as your viewing preference.

After clicking to customize, each card will show a reorder icon where users can grab and drag a card to replace it in a new position.

*Note: The ellipses icons help resize the dashboard cards.

Once you move your cards to your desired positions, you can either Save the order or click Cancel and the cards will revert back to its original placements.

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