Companies: Data Import Actions

Below is an overview of the Data Import Review feature that allows users to clean up and control the company database.

The Data Import Review goes a step beyond Company Stemming to recognize potential matches that exist in the Firms’ Clockwork Company Database for new companies added through Resume Parsing, Contact Grabber, CSV upload and more. 

As Users import new Person Records, new companies are added to the firm company database. Some new companies have similar names with existing companies in the database or they have multiple names but they operate under one company. The Data Import Review allows Users to review new companies ingested and take action on consolidating them into one master company. They can do this by using Accept or Ignore Suggested Companies, OR by searching the company database for the desired master company and using that instead.

To conduct this cleaning, Users can navigate to the  Data Import Review icon with the badge count in the global header. The badge count shows the number of records that need clean up.

Data Import Review Table

After clicking Import Review in the global header. The default Import Review includes the following columns: User ID, Candidate Name, Date Added, Title, Company, Suggestion, and Action.

Users can click on the candidate’s name to open the Person Panel.

Using Suggestions

For each new company included in the table, there is a suggestion made for a possible existing match or to simply add the company as a new company. 

How Clockwork arrives at suggestions:

System Logic:

The application analyzes all new companies added to the database:

  • All Companies added to the Database go through the Company Stemming feature.
  • IF an existing company name matches the incoming company name exactly, after stemming, the existing company is utilized as the company record.
  • IF an existing company name does NOT match the incoming company name exactly, Clockwork runs a query for fuzzy matches in the Company Database. A match coefficient is leveraged to provide suggestions for possible company matches in the Suggestions drop down. System runs Company Stem Merger and provides all found suggestions in suggestions drop down, then a query is run through elastic search producing a list of fuzzy matches for possible matching companies. The strongest match is listed as the suggested match in the Data Import Review table. 
  • All additional matches are displayed in order of relevance in the drop down provided in the Data Import Review table.
  • If there is no strong match found, Add As New Company becomes the Suggestion. Users can override this by clicking into the drop down to search for a different company should they choose to.

Users can search and single select from Suggestion Drop Down. The Suggestions dropdown searches the current Firm Company Database. 

Accept or Ignore Suggestions

If the suggested company is not a good fit, Users can Ignore by clicking Ignore. This action removes the suggestion drop down and displays a confirmation. If Ignore was pressed in error, you can undo it by clicking undo in the confirmation text. 

If the suggested company is a good fit or the User has found a different corresponding company, Users can Accept selected suggestions by clicking Accept. This action disables Suggestion drop down and displays the confirmation text. If Accept was pressed in error, you can undo it by clicking undo in the confirmation text. 

If the application can not find a company to suggest then users will be able to search for a company or “Add As New Company”.

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