Position Tab: Submit Interest Form

The Project Job Post-Submit Interest Form is an Add On Service for Pro Tier Firms. The Job Post selections must be requested and turned on by the Firms’ Account Manager.

In this support article we will walk you through setting up the Submit Interest feature in order to allow potential candidates to enter their own data and streamline candidate communication. 

Inside of the Project, click on the Link Icon to open the Job Posting Panel.

Toggle the Submit Interest Form on.

Select your desired settings and requirements for the job posting page. Then click Generate to create the link needed for the Submit Interest Form.
NOTE: You must generate the link for the Submit Interest Form in order for the Form to be Active.

Users can view the Submit Interest Form by clicking on the displayed link or click “Copy” and paste the link in the URL. 

Submit Interest Form View includes:
Client Company Logo, Project Title, Name, Email, LinkedIn URL, Phone, Message (Paragraph Text Field), and drag and drop box for Resumes (PDF and Docx).

*Note: Required fields are determined by the Submit Interest Settings. 

Users can enter values in the public Submit Interest Form. If the email has already been submitted then you will be shown a validation error message, “We have received a submission for this email”.

*Note: The application analyzes email, linkedin url and phone number for duplicates in Your Firm’s person database. 

System Logic:

  • IF no match found, new person record and candidate record are created.
  • IF existing person record is already on project interest form, data is added as note to existing candidate record.
  • IF existing person record is NOT already on project, person record is added as a candidate, and interest form data is added as note to newly created candidate record.
  • IF submission includes resume, resume is parsed and added to existing or new person record. 

Upon successful submission of interest form, Firm Project team is notified by email, push, and in app notifications. Links in all navigate to the candidate panel in Grid View. The candidates status will display Interest Form and is part of the research category.

Users applying via Interest Form have “Interest Form” as their import type value.

Users can see “Interest Form” value and counts in Analytics Import Activity.

Update Interest Form

Users can change the Interest Form Settings by selecting or deselecting the choices in the side panel and clicking “Save”. After saving your new settings the Update button will become visible.

*Note: The link does not change when updated, just the requirements inside the Interest Form.

Delete Interest Form

Users can remove the Interest Form by clicking the Delete button. There will be a notice displayed at the top of your screen once you confirm deleting the Interest Form.

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