Mail Analytics

In this support article, we will go into more detail about how you can leverage Mail Analytics following Mass EMail.

Emails sent from gridview and people view using the send mail feature, will be tracked in Mail Analytics.

Navigate to Mail Analytics. Users can see the Sent Mail Table. The table includes:

  • Subject line
  • Sending User
  • Sending Email
  • Status
  • Total Sent
  • Date
  • Total Delivered
  • Total Opened
  • Total Clicked**
  • Total Bounced
  • Dropped
  • Deferred
  • Spam Report

The Mail Analytics can also be found inside of your projects.

Users have the capability to click on the Subject Line to open a side panel that will detail who the email was sent to, along with statuses, and date and time. The date and time will update when the email status changes.

Inside of the same panel, you can reorder the sent emails by:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Status
  • Date

Users can also Filter through the emails and change the ascending/descending order.

Candidate/People Panel Icons

In the people and candidate panel, mail sent from Clockwork using the Send Mail or Mass Mail feature is logged in the notes thread with the note type of Email. Users can now see a pop-over of status Icons. Each status icon pop-over provides the details of the mail sent and the current status.

Email never landed in their inbox. Automated message from the email system.

The person's click rate showed that they only clicked on a link in the email but did not read the entire message.

Opened and left as read.

The third party posts the Delivered event after the destination server accepts the message with an OK response. Often times, a recipient domain will initially accept a message for delivery, and then apply additional filtering afterwards. In this situation, we would have posted the Delivered event, but not have any insight into the additional filtering.

he recipient's mail server has temporarily refused delivery of an email.

 a person has previously bounced, unsubscribed, or reported the email as spam then receives another then it will be dropped.


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