New Project View: Filters

This article will detail a general overview of the search feature in Project View.


1. Click the "filters icon." Then a Filters pop-up window will appear. You can select or de-select any filters you would like to be available for your search. Click "apply" when done. Once the filters are saved then click the "Save" icon to lock in your default filters. 

Note: Project Custom Field and Company Description are Custom Fields.

2. Click the "expand/collapse" icon to the right of the search box to see your selected Filters. They will appear under the search box. Filters are also viewable once a user clicks into the search box.

Note: Projects List defaulted to Active and Pitch Projects for the Logged In User.

Each Filter selected has an expanded search criteria within. Click on each Filter to view a pop up window with the additional search criteria. Once search criteria have been set click "search."

You can filter by Industry Types.

Client Company
Filter by the companies of your clients.Project Lead
Filter by Project Lead.

Filter by Confidential or Internal Settings.

Global Region
You can filter by the Global Regions inside of your projects.

Filter by Status of projects (Active and Pitch by default).Investor
Filter projects by Investors.User
You can Filter projects by your own firm users.Region
Filter by the location Region of your project.Specialty
Filter by Specialty of project.Project Type
You can filter by the Project Types in order to target your search.Tag
Filter by Project Tags. Search for Multiple Tags by using the AND/OR slider.

You can filter by the level of Seniority of the candidate you are looking to place.Date Revenue
Filter by the Date of the project details or when changes were made.

You can filter by the amount of Revenue of a project.Stage
Filter by Stage of the project.Employee Range
You can filter by the Employee Range that you set at the beginning of the project.

Filter by Compensation rate of your project.

Project Fee
Filter by Project Fee.

Project Title
Filter by Project Title
(Filter does not show data in the search bar. This is a Keyword Filter)

Filter by Location
(Filter does not show data in the search bar. This is a Keyword Filter)

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