Deals: Add/Export

The Deals View tracks all activity within the deal and lets the team see where things are at with a deal in real time. In this article you will have a step by step on how to add deals and export this information.

In the Deals page, you can search for the Deal by name or by using the filters under the search bar for more of a precise result. Select the deal you would like to export if you would like to only export data for specific deals or select no deals and export data for all deals in your filtered view. 

You can export more than one deal at a time.

Clicking the filter button allows you to show or hide any filters you will not be using, then click “Apply”. 

After you have your deals selected, click the Menu button and click “Export”.

A new pop up will show all of the fields you can select or unselect to export. Click “Email” and you will receive an email with the link to download the file. 

*Note: The report only exports as an Excel file.

If no deals are selected, the export includes only the deals in your filtered view. 

After selecting to download the document in your email, the report will open with all selected fields inside.

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