Firm Settings: Email Integration Settings

This feature is available to our Pro Tier Firms. If you are interested in upgrading to "Pro" please contact your Account Manager. The Email Integration Feature allows Firms to enable a setting where specific domain emails are ignored by the system. 

1. To enable this feature, users will need to go into the Firm Settings and select the Settings tab.

2. Click the box next to “Ignore Specific Domain Emails”. Then click “Edit”.

Users can add the domain in the text field that appears and click “Save”. This setting will ignore all emails that only contain senders and recipients of the saved domain. Emails that contain only senders or recipients of the saved domain will not be logged by the Email Integration feature. If an email has an outside email address on it and that email is saved in the Contact Card of the Person Panel, the setting will NOT ignore the email and will log it in the email tab in the Person Panel associated with the email that is from outside of the active Ignore Setting.

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