Premium API

This article will guide you through the process of turning on and generating your API keys. Premium API is an Add-On Feature for Pro Tier Firms, that has to be turned on by contacting your Account manager.

1. Once you have your Premium API turned on then navigate to Your Profile and a section showing “API Keys” will be present.

2. Click “Create” to generate your API Keys. That will provide you with the API Key itself and the Secret Key. There is a high importance that you do not share or lose these keys. Users have the ability to download (in excel format) or copy the keys to easily save them somewhere safe. 

After closing the previous window, the API will become active with the status and date created. 

3. You can “Make Inactive” or “Delete” to pause or remove the key the API at any time. Making a Key inactive removes it from service for connected integrations. Deleting a key removes the key indefinitely. 

After deleting an API Key, users can regenerate another by clicking “Create”.

Please contact support for the developer documentation and they will be happy to further assist you!

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