People: Drag and Drop Bulk Resume Upload

By the end of this article, you will have all the details to upload Bulk Resumes using any Desktop Application from an Email Client:

1. Click the People icon in your Firm Main Menu to be taken to the People view. Following, there will be a menu icon to select:

2. You will get a list of options to choose from. The next step is to select Parse Resume:  

3. Then, a pop up will appear with the detailed message of how the process will complete. In the blue area, you will be able to drag and drop as many files as you like from the desktop application from an Email Client (ex: Apple Mail, Outlook) and select “Import”.
Note: Using this feature will allow you drag and drop files without having to download.

Once all the files are uploaded, parsed, and indexed then the new Person records will be added to your firm database after you refresh the page. This can take some time depending on the number of files you choose to upload, so please allow for some grace through the parsing and indexing process.

You can easily find the new people you have parsed by using the Date filter, selecting “Today”, and selecting “Last Import”.

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