Account Profile Setup

After reading this article, you will know the details of your Clockwork Account Profile Settings:

In the Your Profile tab you will have 4 settings that will be covered in this article.

1.Task Reminders can be toggled on to remind you of upcoming and past task. When the task is created then you will receive an email notification:

2. If your Firm has Gong Notifications on for “all users” you will receive a Gong Notification when  a project has been closed and the closing reason is recorded as Placement. Please note that Gong reports will not send for any projects marked 'internal' or 'confidential'. If you do not want to receive these notifications turn your Gong Report setting to Off.

3. Select the type of Email Client you are using when composing an email from a hyperlinked address within Clockwork. The options that you have to choose from can be further explained here:

4. Whichever view is selected in your Profile Default Project View will always be chosen when you enter a project. If you would like your Dashboard to be the first thing you see when you enter a project then you can make that change in this setting:

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