Candidate Panel: Candidate Status

Below is a detailed description of each Candidate Status value. 

*The Candidate Status is found in the Candidate Panel within the New Grid View. 

  • Placed - Offer has been accepted and the Candidate has been placed.
  • Offer Extended - Offer has been extended to the Candidate.
  • Finalist - Candidate is in the final shortlist for consideration for the position. 
  • Interviewing - Candidate is scheduled for a more in-depth interview with a firm partner. Typically, this is the final step before a Candidate is presented to the client for consideration.
  • Candidate - Candidate is presented to client for consideration. Client should be conducting interviews and reviewing the Candidate profile.
  • Qualifying - Firm is reviewing qualifications and confirming that the Candidate is qualified for the position. This may include initial phone screen interviews and review of resume/Linkedin profile.
  • Pursuing - Firm is performing outreach to determine if the Candidate is interested and available.
    Potential Candidate - 
  • Potential Candidate - Candidate meets IQA (Qualified, Interested and Available) benchmarks. Candidate is scheduled for an internal interview.
  • Research - Default setting for all Candidates added to a Project.
  • Turned Off - Firm driven status. Candidate is removed from consideration due to qualitative or other professional consideration.
  • Disqualified - Firm driven status. Candidate is removed from consideration because they do not meet the position requirements.
  • DQ by Client - Client disqualifies the Candidate. Firm would want to capture reasons why the client is disqualifying the Candidate for future reference and context.
  • Withdrew - Candidate driven status. Candidate is no longer interested or available for the position. Usually used after the Candidate has previously identified interest and availability and then changed their minds.
  • Timing Off - Candidate driven status. Candidate identifies that they are qualified and interested, but they are not available for the position.
  • Offer Declined - Candidate driven status. Candidate declines offer. Typically used after an offer has been extended.
  • Not Responding - Candidate is not responding to pursuit and has been removed from consideration.
  • Not Interested - Candidate driven status. They are not interested in the position.
  • Location Issue - Candidate driven status. They are declining consideration for the position based on their or the position's location.
  • Position Issue - Candidate driven status. They are declining consideration for the position based on a conflict with the position.
  • On Hold - Candidate has been removed from the selection process and is in a suspended status.
  • Source - Not a true Candidate. This is a person that is used as a possible source for interesting Candidates for the project.
  • Reference - Not a true Candidate. This is a person providing a reference about a Candidate in the project. Used to track the interaction with this person related to the project.
  • Benchmark - Not a true Candidate. This is a person, used as an example, to show what kind of person would fit the Candidate profile and match all the criteria. Used when calibrating the job requirements and job description to make sure the firm and the client are aligned on qualifications.
  • Remove From Project - Candidate has been removed from the selection process.
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