Icons: Unread Notes Indicator

Unread Notes Indicator
If a red circle appears next to a candidate's name this indicates that notes have been added to that candidate that have been unread. 

You can click on the candidate to access the Candidate Panel to read the notes. Once read the red indicator will disappear indicating the notes have been read.

Additional Information:
The logic on the Long List page for badges (Unread Notes Indicator) compares the last time the note was viewed from the Long List to the time the note was written.

For example, if we write the note anywhere else, like on the Candidates page and come to the Long List, the unread badge will appear even though we have read the note on the Candidate page. So unread means it’s not been read on the Long List which is the way the feature is designed.

*Please note that the Unread Note Indicator will be visible to the User that created the note - this is expected behavior.

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