The Check In: Positions View, Cai and Job Postings

On 25 January 2024, Dan Shirley from Clockwork’s Customer Success Team joined us on “The Check-In” to discuss and explore the Positions View within Clockwork. Within a project we looked at how to use Clockwork AI (Cai) to generate job descriptions, job requirements and research criteria in Positions View and how it informs and guides your research strategy. We also covered:

  • How to use research criteria and filter for highly-rated candidates from past searches
  • Create and generate a Job Posting landing page and share this link directly with Candidates.
  • Automate candidate pipelining by adding a submission form to your Job Posting landing page to add a Candidate directly to your project.
  • Where Candidate ratings appear and are used within a project beyond Positions View.

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Thanks for Checking-In with us and see you next time! You can watch past episodes of The Check In here

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