Mobile: User Profile

In order to update your profile from the mobile app. You click on the Avatar in the upper-right corner and land on the User Profile page. This article will detail how to edit each section, if applicable.

The User Profile Name and Profile Picture are retrieved from your desktop information. If your desktop version does not have a picture then your initials are displayed as an avatar instead. 


The User Email tied to the account can be changed in the mobile app, in the same space as the Password. 


Both “entered” and “re-entered” passwords must be matching and satisfy the password strength meter.
Notification (App and email) is sent on successful password change.

Time zone

Notifications Settings

Users can enable/disable notifications: Email, In app, Push notification.

Privacy Policy

Click on Privacy Policy to check out Clockworks policies from your phone. 

*Please Note: The App version can be found below the Privacy Policy as well. The App version is an important detail to provide to our Support Team in the case that you reach out regarding a concern with the App.

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