Mobile: Login Authentications

This support article will detail the multiple ways to login using Login Authentication with the mobile app.

Password and Email is one of the natural ways to login. Just like you would on the desktop version of Clockwork. The “Forgot Password?” feature works the same as the desktop. More on that in the support article found here.

Facial Recognition

Additionally you can use Facial Recognition to login to the mobile app. When toggled on, it will become the default login method.

Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA is an additional security feature that links with the same code as your Desktop version.

Sign in with Third Party Credentials

Sign in with a Third Party Connection like Apple or LinkedIn.
This feature only works if your login email address is the same as your email used in the Third Party platform.

Clicking “More Options” navigates you to another page where you can be associated with the hostname before logging in. Once you enter that then you are navigated back to the login screen to attempt your login again.

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